The New Generation – Tutorial (English version)



This is the opening page of our data base.


( The data base is now open – in a new window)

The first thing to notice is the navigation bar :

Make sure you have reached the English version – check the button on the right —)) english

When you press the FIND  button you get various searching options :

The most often used option is the « Search People« .


The fastest method to reach an individual is with an ID number : person_ID 

Otherwise, go by « Last Name« , associated with « First Name » or any other criteria available.

After each search operation press the reset  button before entering new criteria.

Your search may result in a direct hit. In that case you will reach all the information availble for a given individual.

More often you will obtain a list of persons that match your search criteria.

For instance, if I am searching for an individual whose first name is Agenor I get this: 


When my mouse rolls over any individual I get a full description of that person.

If I press on # 2 : Cottenoire Agénor Alphonse I reach the file of that individual.

Now if I select the 5th child of Agénor whose first name is Jean Paul-Étienne –


I obtain the full pedigree of that individual who had 12 children
with his wife Jeannette Perreault.
By pressing the « Family » button we get a full pedigree chart for 2 generations:


Notice that the navigation bar remains always available


If you press the « Media » button you obtain 8 more options that allow you to further explore  the content of the data base:


When pressing the « Info » button – you obtain various other options of interest:info 


Notice also  the Print button which allows printing any page of the site.

The last button – takes you to a very useful tool.
This message board will forward  your message linked
to the subject mentioned  to my mail box.